Lume is the first game in the Lumino City universe created by State of Play. It plays similarly to Lumino City, but is much shorter.

Plot Edit

Lumi arrives at Grandad's house one morning for tea. She notices that the house seems quieter and darker than usual. Grandad left a note on the door saying that he has gone to the village because the power went out and he wanted to check up on everyone else. He also explains that he had started setting up his own inventions to power the house, but has run into some problems, and asks Lumi to see if she can fix them. After Lumi has made all the necessary repairs, she turns the power on and Grandad arrives home.

Puzzles Edit

These pages will contain a description of each puzzle, tips on completing them, and the solution -- if you wish to see it.

There is some flexibility to the order in which you complete the steps, but I've tried to group together tasks that are directly related to each other.

  1. The Front Door
  2. The Solar Panel
  3. The Keys
  4. The Wires
  5. The Turbine's Position
  6. The Gramophone
  7. The Locked Cabinet
  8. The Turbine

Videos Edit

[1:50] Lume: The Official Game Trailer by StateOfPlayGames

[11:50] Let's Play Lume: A Point and Click Flash Indie Game by Fates4Productions

Trivia Edit

  • The books on Grandad's bookshelf upstairs include Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and an old version of the Wikipedia pages on solar panels and energy efficiency.